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Why Use Us?

The Company: New Street Taxis is Burton's leading private hire taxi company, and has been since its establishment some 18 years ago. We currently undertake many major contracts of significant importance, including East Staffordshire Health Authority (NHS) to name but one, and are looking to extend & expand these facilities to other organisations.

Call Centre: Our Call Centre is staffed 24 hours every day of the year.

Availability: New Street Taxis has over 30 licensed taxis which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. Most of our big taxis are wheelchair accessible to assist in the transportation of disabled persons.

Services: We pride ourselves on the service provided to all our customers but more especially to account customers to whom we give a priority service. Taxis are used mainly for the transportation of people but for a small additional charge, we can deliver small, unaccompanied parcels and letters.

Charges: Our Taxi fares are fixed prices if booked via the call centre, (All Contracts are fix price based) but if you flag down a taxi on the high street for example then the prices are regulated by East Staffordshrie Council. Our charges are based on the metered rate as set by the council.

Fixed Prices: Local & out-of-area journeys to destinations are fixed price so you know in advance the journey cost.

Advantages: By opening an account with New Street Taxis you can be assured that:

1) You and your staff will be safe and secure.
2) You will receive a fully itemised monthly invoice detailing
3) No longer will you require to be concerned with petty cash vouchers and unreadable torn, dirty receipts for taxi journeys.

Technology: New Street Taxis dispatches fares to the nearest available taxi using the radio technology

Drivers: All of our drivers are licensed by East Staffordshire Borough Council and require to undergo a test of their knowledge of the city before being licensed. In addition all drivers are trained in the use of our radio system and customer’s service expectations by our in-house trainers.

Each driver is given a unique number so we know who is driving any taxi at any given time.

Conclusion: By opening an account with New Street Taxis you will be engaging the services of a company that cares for its customers, has 18 plus years experience in the service industry, uses the
most up to date advanced radio technology and can be trusted to look after your interests.

Some of our corporate clients Include:

  • NHS Health Authority
  • East Staffordshire Borough Council
  • Derbyshire City Council
  • Work Agencies
  • Health Care Centres
  • Education Centres etc.
To open a business account please contact one of our representatives on:

Tel: 01283 535353